The perfect ring. The perfect dress. The perfect wedding day. The
perfect honeymoon... And they lived happily ever after!

If marriage was like that, we wouldn't need pre-marital counselling
What To Consider Before Marriage
1. Plan your marriage, not just your wedding.
Take a proactive role in dreaming together, setting short        
and long-term goals together, and then working                      
together as a team to establish the marriage you really            

2. Juggle your roles.
With both partners being so busy inside and outside the        
home, there  is a need to negotiate how the roles of                 
marriage will be delegated.

3. Gain the skill of effective communication.
Healthy communication involves more listening than             
talking. Do you know how to hear your partner, not just        
their words? Do you know how to fight fair? Do you              
know your partner's love language?

4. Consider intimacy issues.
We don't like to talk about it much, yet eventually the            
honeymoon ends. How can a couple prepare to keep this       
aspect of their marriage fulfilling while balancing the            
responsibilities of everyday life?

5. Manage you finances.
Does your partner have the same view of money as you          
do? Are you thrifty and your partner a wild spender?              
What about the budget? Money in itself is not what                
stresses the relationship - it is the management of money       
that makes or breaks the bank.

6. Be ready for the babies.
Children change a marriage. Each person brings in his or       
her own preconceived ideas and expectations about what       
proper parenting is. Who should stay home with the               
children? How should the children be disciplined?                 
Who's religion should they be brought up in? How many       
children do you want?

7. Ask the tough questions.
Everyone has a past and it is critical to recognize that it          
comes with you into the marriage. Are you hiding some         
earlier difficult or painful experience from your partner         
thinking it will not affect your relationship? Better to risk      
talking about it now, than waiting until it finds its way          
into your marriage uninvited.
When you walk together, you stay together!
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