When you walk together, you stay together!

This is about learning how to verbally communicate with each
other in a way that helps you both feel heard and understood.

Exploring is about learning to understand the beliefs and values
you bring into your marriage. Recognizing why you do what you
do will give you both a deeper understanding of each other.

Your belief systems show up in your behaviours towards each
other. Developing a balanced mindset in regards to the daily
expectations in marriage is foundational to the peace and security
of your day-to-day life together.

This is regarding the area of self-responsibility and self-care.

T - Talking (Verbal Communication)
- Communication                    how we connect with each other
- Conflict Resolution               how we disagree
- Communication Style           how we present ourselves

E - Exploring (Beliefs)
- Family Genogram                 how we were raised
Beliefs                                   how we make choices
Past Baggage                        how we deal with past experiences
Love/Forgiveness                  how we commit  
Commitment                        how we "dig in"
Boundaries                           how we set limits  
Spirituality                           how we apply our faith   

A - Attitude (Behaviours)
- Roles                                     how we  balance responsibility
- Sexual Intimacy                    how we give to each other
- Finances                                how we spend
- Activities                              how we spend our time
- Parenting                              how our children raise us
- Parents/ In-laws                  how we leave and cleave    

M - Me (Personhood)
- Responsibility                       how we take ownership
- Individuality                         how we personally develop     
- Self-care                                how we stay  healthy   
Extending grace to those needing help, encouragement, and hope for a better future
The 4 Pillars of T.E.A.M.

T.E.A.M. Blueprint
As you become a strong
you become a
great M.A.T.E.
in the marriage.
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