Both genders are present in the session
We all know that men and women think differently from each
other! There are times when the differences can be confusing and
even a bit frustrating.  

Walk Together Marriage offers a way to help narrow the gap of
misunderstanding for you by providing both gender perspectives
in your counselling session.  Since we (Simon and Karen)
co-counsel, not only are we able to contribute suggestions and
observations as a married couple ourselves, but having both
genders contributing brings a sense of balance to the ago old
struggle of the differences between men and women and how
they communicate.   

As a co-counselling couple, we are also modeling how a couple
can communicate, despite possible differences in thinking and  

Couples say they appreciate this aspect of their counselling

Provide reflective style format
One thing we do in our session with a couple is provide reflective
feedback.  Here is how it works.   After about a half an hour of
having the couple share about what they see as the struggles
playing out in their marriage, we request the couple to focus some
time on our reflections as the counsellors. We do this by talking to
each other as the couple listens.  During this time we (Simon and
Karen) share about what we each feel we heard the couple say.  
We mention about their strengths, their struggles, and some
questions that we have for them, as well as give ideas as to how
we might move forward with the counselling.  After the reflection,
we then ask the couple for their view of what was shared -  what
ideas they resonated with, what new things they may have
learned,  and whether or not they felt we have a good grasp on
their situation.  Then between us and the couple, we decide on a
plan to approach the struggles. This reflecting will periodically
take place throughout the counselling sessions as we feel we need

Couples have commented on how they find this aspect of the
counselling helpful and often 'eye opening' for them.

Developed the "Walk Together Marriage T.E.A.M.
Karis Counselling Services have seen that couples are not too
different in regards to their struggles. We are all people striving to
communicate and cohabitate with each other. Therefore, we have
developed a T.E.A.M. Blueprint for building a stronger marriage.

This blueprint consists of four pillars that is necessary to build a
strong marriage. These pillars are: Talking, Exploring, Attitude,
and Me.  Under each pillars are areas that a couple must develop
in order to have the best marriage they can.  You can learn more
about the Blueprint

Telephone Counselling
Another unique feature about Karis Counselling Services is that
our counselling is offered by telephone. This can also be done by
Skype or some other web-based media.

One advantage to telephone counselling is that it addresses the
barrier of the location of a counselling office and the travel
required to meet there. Couples who live in rural areas have
access to counselling services without having to drive a long
distance to get help.

Telephone counselling not only assists in easing geographic
concerns and time constraints but can also be more financially
feasible.  Travel costs, extra childcare needs,  and having to take
time off work can be lessened.  Not only that, but the couple does
not even need to be in the same location to receive counselling.  
Since we connect by phone, or internet, there is no need to have to
adjust your day as much as you would have to in order to attend
a face-to-face session.

Telephone counselling is also beneficial for couples who are
separated due to conflict.  Being able to discuss the struggles, yet
not being in the same room, can be just enough stress relief
needed to get some issues discussed and make positive changes
in the relationship.  

Record sessions for future reference
Karis Counselling Services offers to record sessions for the couple
so they can listen to the session again at a later date.

We realize that during the counselling session many things are
said and it is hard to remember everything.  Therefore, we offer
this service for the benefit of our couples. It may also be very
helpful in future conflicts when one of you say, "The counsellors
When you walk together, you stay together!
Unique Features of Karis Counselling Services
Extending grace to those needing help, encouragement, and hope for a better future
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