First, let us say that both of us are advocates for marriage. We believe
that a couple should turn over
every rock before a decision to end a
marriage is made.

To us,
every rock consists of many foundational aspects of a marriage,
that may be cracked, neglected, or never even established.  We have
detailed these foundational aspects in our T.E.A.M. Blueprint.  
You can learn more about T.E.A.M.
What are your credentials?
Simon has a Masters of Divinity, majoring in Leadership and
He also has a Master of Arts, majoring in Marriage and Family

Karen has a Masters of Divinity, majoring in Marriage and Family

20+ years of marriage.

Thousands of hours of combined counselling experience.
Why do you do marriage counselling?
We have been married for over twenty years (1988) and know first
hand what it takes to keep a marriage strong and vital.  We have had
our own rough times too and have made every effort to develop the
best marriage possible.

Sometimes couples need a little support along the way.  
Walk Together Marriage is founded on the belief that God cares about
marriage and wants others to "walk alongside" those who are

We have been providing marriage counselling as co-counsellors since
2002.  We have seen the heart of many hurting couples, and know
marriage is not easy at times.

No one gets married with the intention of being unhappy or ending
their marriage.  Yet,  too often a marriage ends due to waiting too long
for change to happen on it's own.  

We want to help couples establish the marriage they really want,  so it
does not end by default.
How are you different from other counsellors?
Walk Together Marriage provides some unique benefits.
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What type of couple would your counselling not work for?
We do not counsel the couple if there is physical violence  present in
the relationship. We believe there must first be physical safety
established before counselling could be viable.  We will work
individually with the couple, if safety has been established, and may
eventually be able to provide couple-to-couple services at a later date.
What results can I expect?
When you come to us for counselling you can expect to get strategies
that will help you strengthen your marriage. You can expect to be
given an unbiased perspective from two counsellors. And you can
expect to get a healthier marriage relationship as you apply the T.E.A.
M. philosophy to your marriage.
Other areas that are worked towards:
- a happier marriage
- a peace of mind
- a true understanding of love
- an understanding of marriage (ups and downs = normal)
- tools to better communicate
- get to know yourself
- get a connection with each other
- alleviate divorce/separation
- increase: communication, understanding, more acceptance
- decrease: emotional pain, misunderstandings
- achieve: a return of love, feelings, peace, happiness, coupleness
- eliminate: hate, specific action
- feel: hope, a future together
Is Karis Counselling a Faith-Based Counselling Service?
The word 'charis' (although spelled Karis) comes from the Greek
language meaning
grace.  We are Christians and our teachings are
founded on biblical principles like love, self-worth, forgiveness, and
hope. You do not have to be a Christian in order for the counselling to
be effective, although we do include Scriptures in our material
How Long Will We Be In Counselling?
We believe that all marriage counselling should touch on the 4 Pillars
as outlined in the T.EA.M. Blueprint.   We also know that each
marriage is unique and counselling must also address the presenting
problem that the couple came to counselling for.  

Therefore, counselling length will depend upon the presenting
problem, as well as how fast the couple moves forward in the
reconciliation process. As an average, most counselling will be a
minimum of 8 – 10 sessions.
How do you accept payment?
You can pay through Paypal.  You do not have to have a Paypal
account to use this service.  
You can also make payment by cheque.
When you walk together, you stay together!
Extending grace to those needing help, encouragement, and hope for a better future
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