One Partner Does Not Think They Are The "Problem"
Frequently, one person will be more unhappy in the marriage - but if one person
is unhappy,  the marriage has a problem.  

We Can't Let Anyone Know.
Secrets kill hope for change.  Sometimes the fear of letting others know can lead to
a marriage dying - that could have been saved.  Everyone will know if you
divorce.  Seeking help is not a weakness or a shameful decision.

What's The Use?
Where there is life, there is hope!  Often a small change can spark hope in a
situation.  You will only know if that spark can be lit if you choose to take a step
toward change.  

It Costs Too Much
Professional counselling does cost;  but divorce is far more costly - both
financially and emotionally.  Investing in the short-term can prevent long-term

There Are No Counselling Services Available Close By
Walk Together Marriage offers TELEPHONE counselling support, so distance,
location or time constraints will not be a barrier for you to get help.
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When you walk together, you stay together!
Why People Don't Get Help
Extending grace to those needing help, encouragement, and hope for a better future
Is your marriage in trouble?  Are you saying, "This is it. I've
had enough!"

A strong marriage takes hard work. Many people marry not
knowing what that work will be. No one plans to have a
miserable marriage when they say "I do". Yet, best
marriages don't happen accidentally.
1. You can make your marriage the best marriage possible.

2. In almost any relationship you can find a thread of hope if
you look hard enough.

3. Love is a choice - not a feeling.

4. You have permission to build your marriage to match your
dreams. It does not have to be how your parents did it, or
how others think it should be.

5. It takes hard work to make a marriage beautiful.

6. You need to be a team player with your partner.
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